Henry Hiinii

Hey Daku! I'm glad that somewhere, something is happening. Graffiti had been my passion, but reality brought home the truth. Though I'm a skateboarder, I think graffiti can bring a change in people’s lives! I want to see this change happen – and I know you do, too.


Pallavi Chaturvedi

Hi Nida. I love your kitschy & easy-breezy designs. The Rajasthani / Kutchhi Banjarans are pretty vibrant & cool. Their nomadic lifestyles, colours, the various art styles on their clothes could be awesome for your new collection. Mirror work, riot of colours and unstructured style - what do you think?


Darius Chinoy

No country, in my knowledge, has such a variety of languages, cultures and religions, as India does. Ronny, I suggest that you do a photo shoot, showing people of different cultures from across India wearing adidas Originals.


Rohan Papad

Hey Nucleya. Keeping in mind the origin of psy music and the new genre which you have created, I would like to hear a mix of both the genres. I have made a track which resembles my idea. Hope you like it.

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Hi Nucleya. I would like to hear a track from you which combines dub-step with classical Indian music. Classical Indian music is so rich and wide that it can be interpreted in so many ways. So why not try a dub-step interpretation?

For example :–

Hi Daku. Eve-teasing is one of the greatest evils in our country. It plagues our women, it even plagues the tourists visiting India. I would like to suggest
'Eve-teasing' as the theme for your next graffiti so we can spread awareness and maybe even mobilize people.

For example :–

Hi Nida. Truck-art in India is so unique and so colorful. I suggest that you take Indian truck-art as the inspiration for your next collection. It could be interesting, what do you think?

For example :–

Hi Ronny. I would like your next photo shoot to be about 'football in India'. The World Cup just went by, we all watched and enjoyed it. Meanwhile, our country still ranks 154 when it comes to football. Can things change?

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We threw an invitation to India’s originality.
Rohan, Henry, Pallavi and Darius emerged as
the superstars.

The game-plan

  • They chose an artist

    and submitted an idea to inspire him/her

  • Their ideas won

    over all the other awesome entries we received

  • They take the stage

    with their artists in the next Superstar video


Rohan sets the
tempo with Nucleya

Rohan has a tune playing in his head.
Now Nucleya will produce it.


Henry breaks the rules with Daku

Henry believes graffiti can bring about a change in
the society. Now, Daku and he will make it happen.


Pallavi ramps it
up with Nida

When Pallavi and Nida are set to get together.
It’s going to be kitschy all the way.


Darius seizes the moment with Ronny

Darius has an idea that clicked with Ronny.
Watch out for how they bring it alive.

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