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For example :–

Hi Nucleya. I would like to hear a track from you which combines dub-step with classical Indian music. Classical Indian music is so rich and wide that it can be interpreted in so many ways. So why not try a dub-step interpretation?

For example :–

Hi Daku. Eve-teasing is one of the greatest evils in our country. It plagues our women, it even plagues the tourists visiting India. I would like to suggest
'Eve-teasing' as the theme for your next graffiti so we can spread awareness and maybe even mobilize people.

For example :–

Hi Nida. Truck-art in India is so unique and so colorful. I suggest that you take Indian truck-art as the inspiration for your next collection. It could be interesting, what do you think?

For example :–

Hi Ronny. I would like your next photo shoot to be about 'football in India'. The World Cup just went by, we all watched and enjoyed it. Meanwhile, our country still ranks 154 when it comes to football. Can things change?

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Our iconic street-wear shoe, the Superstar,
is an open invitation to your self-expression
and originality.

The game-plan

  • Choose an artist

    and share your idea for
    collaboration using 50 words
    or an image/video

  • If you get picked,

    work with them to make
    the idea come alive

  • You and your idea star

    with the artist in the next Superstar video


Set the
tempo with Nucleya

Have a tune playing in your head?
Get Nucleya to create it.


Break the
rules with Daku

Got graffiti you’d like to see written on the wall?
Get Daku to create it.


Ramp it
up with Nida

Have an idea that would set the ramp on fire?
Share it with Nida.


Seize the
moment with Ronny

Need a thousand words captured in one frame?
Get Ronny on the job.

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